What to Look for in a Made-to-order Rubber Manufacturer

Customization is not a new concept. It stems from the unique needs and preferences of customers in the 21st century. Designers and manufacturers in the car industry, construction and real estate, fashion, plumbing, and many other sectors find themselves having to use many custom rubber parts in their day-to-day production.

Working with customers whose main concern is done-to-order rubber products could be a challenger at times and it calls for innovation and fast turnaround times. For this reason, if you are looking to enlist the services of a manufacturer that specializes in this line of work, there are certain pointers that could help you easily find the perfect match. Read on for more insights.

Find a company that knows their Rubber

Experience significantly matters when it comes to working with rubber. Side note: Did you know that there are different types of rubber? For instance, there is natural rubber harvested directly from the latex sap of rubber trees, synthetic rubber that’s an artificial elastomer, vulcanized rubber and others widely used for different purposes.

Make sure you conduct some due diligence to identify the best type of rubber for your project and proceed to double-check whether the contractor has it. Alternatively, you can just check-in with the manufacturer you settle on because chances are, they’ll know the rubber type suitable for your product if they are professionals.

A Catalogue of Products and Past Projects

An ideal candidate to work with should have a display of rubber custom-designed products and jobs that they’ve done over the duration of their operations. Look out for product listicles on their website, a project portfolio that can help you judge their skills set and level of craftsmanship. If by chance they happen to have a showroom for their products, interact with the technicians and product specialists on the ground and dig out more information to enable you to make a final decision.

Scrutinize their Design Process

In this smart era, manufacturers who employ the latest technology put out the highest quality products and do so in record time. Look at the urgency of your project and compare that to the lead times a particular manufacturer is offering you. If they use technologies such as 3D printing and additive manufacturing and have automated and robotic systems, they are probably worth giving a chance.

The reason for this is that mechanized industrial equipment enables efficient use of rubber and in turn, there is minimal if any wastage of raw materials. Such seamless production translates to cost-saving and precision outputs that can have your project or products done correctly in one take.

After-sale Services and Product Assurances

All serious rubber product dealers on your search radar should have one thing in common. And that is the confidence to stand by their work and products. You can test this theory by analyzing the terms and conditions that come with their products or projects. For example, do they can ship and deliver the products you ordered to an overseas location? Do they give warranties?