What To Do with an Aerospace Engineering Degree

So you’re interested in physics and astronomy, but you’re not sure if you can get a job in this field. If you have a mind for mathematics and an interest in making things safer or more efficient, an aerospace engineering degree might be the right way to go. Avoid awkward, “That degree? What kind of job can you even get with that?” questions by considering potential jobs in your field now.

Products and Parts

One of the largest aerospace industries is parts manufacturing. Engineers are engaged in concept generation and product testing to ensure businesses like this aircraft parts engineering Philadelphia can produce the safest and most up to date pieces for airplanes and other aircraft.

Research and Development

Many aerospace engineers are engaged in research and development. This can be in conjunction to manufacturing, but it can also be a position in its own right. Engineers might be testing anything from parts on standard passenger planes to simulations for orbiting satellites. Being able to provide critical analysis and creative problem solving is essential to this field.

Government Advising

It might surprise you to know how many aerospace engineers are employed by the government. These civil servants perform critical assessments to provide accurate safety information to local governments and policy makers as well as offering engineering services to local businesses. Additionally, the government relies on engineers for missile research and national defense advising.

Navigation and Measurement

Knowing how aircraft maneuver is a critical skill for anyone involved in mapmaking and related technologies. Some of this is directly related to air travel, but engineers can expect all sorts of challenges from water navigation to construction codes.

There are also some more general engineering jobs that a aerospace engineering degree will help you qualify for. Realistically, any job that involves building or measuring could benefit from an engineer. Why shouldn’t that engineer be you?