Career Considerations for Civil Engineers


Civil engineering is widely considered to be one of the oldest engineering disciplines. It is largely concerned with the planning, design, construction and maintenance of the built environment, both physical and natural. Civil engineering covers a number of practice areas and generally an engineer has a background in a particular focus such as construction, environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation and water resources. Are you thinking about a career in this field? Here are some areas of work that you should consider.

Public Works

Public works projects run the gamut of infrastructure, including public buildings, water/wastewater systems, parks, public spaces, electrical grids, dams and transportation/transit facilities. These projects are usually owned and funded by governmental agencies and as the name suggests, serve the public at large. A career in public works can be very rewarding and provides the opportunity to work with various entities such as school districts, wastewater treatment companies, construction companies and more.

Sustainability and the Environment

Changes in climate, population growth and future quality of life concerns may lead you to pursue in a career in sustainability. While environmental responsibility is something that affects many areas, you can leverage the knowledge of green building design, environmental principles and other sustainability practices to support publicly and privately funded projects. As more entities look to lower the environmental impact of future projects, the need for professionals with practical experience in eco-friendly design continues to grow.

Construction Management

Construction managers and contractors are responsible for making design projects a reality. The field of construction management benefits from having civil engineers who can read and interpret plans for successful project delivery. Many projects require the input of educated and licensed pros who can come up with solutions for unforeseen issues in the field.

Civil engineering isn’t going anywhere as a profession. An evolving world continues to require the expertise and education of engineers to provide solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s issues. A career in this field can be fulfilling both professionally and personally.…