Considerations for Expanding Your House

Increasing the square footage of your home can really pay off. Adding an extra room or even another level can raise the value of your property. Expanding your house can be a very expensive renovation and demands thorough research and planning. Here are some things to consider before starting.

Accounting for Added Load

The first thing you need to know is if your house can support the extra load. An experienced structural inspector can check to see if the foundation and framing can safely bear the weight of an extension. If you’re adding rooms, you also need to see if the existing electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems will require upgrading. Consult an electrician Plano TX for guidance on changes to wiring and connecting new outlets and fixtures.

Codes and Permitting

Research applicable building codes and consult your local zoning authority to verify property limits. Many homeowners associations limit the structural modifications and extensions you can make. Setback limits and maximum building dimensions are other considerations that must be taken into account. Be sure that you don’t violate local regulations by not securing the necessary permits before you start construction.

Logical Addition

Any structural expansions made should be logical with respect to your house’s current layout. Details such as the location of the HVAC and other systems must be accounted for as you plan. Keep in mind that any addition to your home should fit in with the rest of the structure. An extension that looks out of place may not yield a good return on your investment. Don’t forget to contemplate how your daily routine will be impacted during construction. Enlarging the kitchen may mean several weeks without a home-cooked meal.

Although you can raise the value of your house just by increasing square footage, you can maximize your return on investment with a carefully planned design. Conduct plenty of research and work with qualified professionals for best results. This home addition should look and feel like part of the original structure as much as possible.